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Canary Smartox-O

‘SmarTox-O’ has been purpose built for operating in scrubbed wet gas applications where very high sensitivity and best accuracy are required from an already aggressive sampling environment.

As well as specific single gas detection of either Phosphine, Hydrogen Sulphide or Ammonia both Hydrogen Sulphide and Chlorine detectors are available in our dual gas model.

Each module incorporates sample gas preparation, aspiration and flow control and a linear 4-20 mA analog output signal - proportional to each gas concentration.

'SmarTox-O'is designed for ease of maintenance at the lowest possible cost. All high duty components are housed together for servicing as a single assembly.


GfG EC28

GfG Transmitter EC28
For toxic gases, oxygen and hydrogen

Superior technology
Wherever gas hazards are to be found, the EC28 provides the best solution for safe monitoring. ATEX-certified design, built-in EX-certified horn and bright LED lights allow safe operation. The gas alarm is transmitted to the central control panel, simultaneously warning the control room and the worker in the danger area.

Smart sensor technology
Installation and sensor exchange are quick and easy using pre-calibrated smart, plug-in sensors. One-man calibration/ adjustment is possible directly at the transmitter, without opening the housing.



DOD Chem Logic H2S Odor CL1 Paper Tape machine w/HMI control.
ChemLogic Single Point Continuous Monitor provides field proven technology for the quick detection of low level toxic and corrosive gases.


Jensen Disposable Bailers
Jensen Fluoropolymer Bailer Components



The Canary Company - Smart Montoring Systems

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