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Bulletins and Technical Papers

Welcome to our bulletins and technical page aimed at raising awareness of potential dangers and hazards associated with gases and the handling of gases in the work place. As well as providing technical reference information.

   Canary appointed as Aust. authorized distributor for GFG Instruments Inc- covering sales, repair and warranty service. (Click for pdf file)

   hospitality CO2-O2-GfG_GMA313CanaryBrochure1013 (Click for pdf file)

   2011 GfG G450 Functional Check (Click for pdf file)

   GFG Gas Safety Data & Properties - 2009 (Click for pdf file)

   Refrigeration and Gas Leak Detectors from GFG (Click for pdf file)

   2007 - CO2, A Silent Killer (Click for pdf file)

   Online Odour Measurement & Control - paper at the International Enviro 2002 Convention (Click for pdf file)

Inert Labware and Plastic Fittings

   Jensen Labware TFE, FEP & PFA (Click for pdf file)

   Properties of PTFE, FEP, PFA, E-CTFE and CTFE (Click for pdf file)

   Industrial Specialties fittings (Click for pdf file)

   Types of Teflon (Click for pdf file)

   Jansen ALTEF Gas Sampling Bags (Click for pdf file)

   Jensen Fluropolymer Tubing (Click for pdf file)

   Jensen TFE or FEP tubing (Click for pdf file)


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